MCA Suite has two main user types which can be found in the User Admin > Users tab:

A.  Admins - Admins can see everything at all times in the CRM; all contacts, all deals, all user tasks, all reports, all sections of the application.
B.  Agents - Agents have much more restrictive access.

Agents will only be able to access the records they have been given permission to view. Agents do not have the ability to delete deals. Agents are able to upload files and documents to MCA Suite, but can only delete the attachments that they have uploaded (i.e., Agent A cannot delete the files Agent B uploaded to a deal). Agents also do not have access to the Administration, Payment Gateways or Reports sections of the application.
To add new users, go to Admin > User Admin > Users and complete the required fields. 

User Admin tab

MCA Suite also has portal users you can create, who will have access to a limited view with only their deal information. For more information on these users, please see our articles on how to create Investor Users and how to create Merchant Users. Portal users have the most restricted access and do not log into the main system.

Also see our rundown of all available user types for more information and key differences between the different user roles.