Our HelloSign integration allows you to send your MCA Suite Document Merge documents over to HelloSign for non-embedded e-signature requests. For information on how to complete basic set-up, first read here.

Once you are ready to prepare your documents and use the integration, you can follow these steps.

Step One:

The process for prepping your templates for HelloSign merge begins with our standard document merge tagging. Prepare your templates as you would a normal document-merge file, using our library of merge codes. Use these codes for STATIC tags: these are codes the signer will not need to select or have the option to modify.

Step Two:

For the dynamic tags - ie, tags the signer(s) will modify such as signature, printed name and date - use the HelloSign codes. These tags appear as [sig|req|signer1] or [sig|req|signer2], as illustrated in the HelloSign walk-through here. The syntax for this tagging will be:

  1. Text tag value that relates to filed type. Ex: "sig" for signature, "text" for text field, "initial" for signers' initials, etc. This is how we know [sig|req|signer1] is a designated signature tag.
  2. Whether the tag is required (req) or optional (noreq) for completion of the document. [sig|req|signer1] is a REQUIRED tag.
  3. Specify the order of the signer. You will have the option to send the document to up to two contacts to sign. The tags will be used to specify singer1 or signer2. In our example, [sig|req|signer1] will designate the tag for the first signer/contact.

These tags will be entered onto the documents NOT as form fields like standard merge codes, but as normal TEXT FIELDS. Literally type a code like [sig|req|signer1] as text on the PDF.

**IMPORTANT: to ensure the text tag disappears after merge and only signatures are visible, make sure you format the tags in WHITE. The white text color will make it so that merged information is all that can be see on those lines.

A HelloSign-ready PDF might look like this:

Again, the HelloSign tags should be formatted in WHITE text color. They are in black here for the sake of demonstration. But you can see a mix of our standard doc merge tags like COMPANY, OWNER_FULL_NAME, RENT_PAYMENT, etc., and the specific HelloSign tags for the recipient to complete.

Once ready, upload to the Setup > Templates > Document Merge section of your MCA Suite.

Step 3:

Navigate to a deal and go to the Document Merge tab. Select the template you'd like to merge and capture signatures for. Click the button with three dots and select HelloSign:

Step 4:

You will be taken the following page, where you will select the owner recipients, their signer "number" position, and have the option to enter your own subject and note for the email:

**IMPORTANT: You MUST choose as many recipients as are tagged in your document for signatures. For example, if your document has [sig|required|signer1] and [sig|required|signer2] tags, you MUST select two owners. HelloSign will error if you have a document with two different signers but only send to one signer.

Click the Send button when finished. You will see a confirmation message like the one below if your documents were succssfully sent to HelloSign for signatures:


Please check the HelloSign website for updates or information about the status of the signatures.

Once the document has been signed by all parties, the completed version will appear on your Document Merge main page for you to download and save. You can always access HelloSign to view the documents as well.

See this article for other helpful tips, tricks and gotchas for using HelloSign tags.