Our HelloSign integration allows you to send your MCA Suite Document Merge documents over to HelloSign for e-signature requests.  You will need to sign up with HelloSign and contact us to activate the HelloSign integration page. Your HelloSign plan must include API capabilities which is usually a higher costing monthly plan.

Here are the steps to complete the integration:

1. Sign Up on HelloSign and obtain an API Key and create a client ID.

1a. https://app.hellosign.com/home/myAccount?current_tab=api



1d. Get approval access to their API.

2.  After obtaining your API Key and Client ID you will enter then in MCA Suite.  Navigate to Admin > Integrations > HelloSign

3.  Now prepare your PDF app with HelloSign text tags as text.  https://app.hellosign.com/api/textTagsWalkthrough

Quick version, you will need to add text tags with [sig|req|signer1] or  [sig|req|signer2] 

*Note: you can't send a document with signer 1 and signer2 text tags and only send 1 signer over.  This will error out so you need to create two of same documents with one signer vs two signers, and choose the right template.

4.  Go to a Deal's Document Merge page, click the [...] button and select HelloSign.  Enter a subject, body, and select an email then press Send.  HelloSign will notify when the document is sent, viewed and signed.

5.  After the document is signed, you will be able to download the document from the Document Merge page.  You can always access HelloSign to view the documents as well.

Please read this article for tips and tricks: HelloSign Gotchas

Attached below is an example of pdf.