This webhook is being beta tested.  Please let us know if you would like to try it out by providing a POST URL.  

Action: Whenever you add a deal note and change the deal status to a specific status, we will post the following data to your POST URL.

    "deal": {

      "id": 7817,

      "status": "New",

      "primaryContact": {

        "emailPersonal": "",

        "lastName": "Thomas",

        "phoneMobile": "",

        "phoneMain": "null",

        "phoneBusiness": "321-312-1234",

        "firstName": "Jacob",

        "emailBusiness": "null"


      "company": {

        "phoneMain": "321-123-2134",

        "name": "Thomas Furnitures",

        "phoneBusiness": "333-123-1235",

        "emailBusiness": ""


      "name": "Deal 1",