You can create an account on your MCA Suite instance for your merchants to be able to log in and view their current funded deals and balances.

1) To start, make sure the merchant  is in your system already as a Contact - specifically, as a Merchant Company. When you create the user, you will need to associate the log-in with a Merchant Company. This is the Add Company page:

You can add a Person to the Merchant Company as well (ie an owner) but it is not required as part of Merchant user creation. 

2) You are ready to create the Merchant users. Go the Admin > User Administration page, and click "Add New User."

3) Enter the New User information as you normally would - add a Username email, Password, First and Last Name. When it comes to User Role, select "Merchant" from the drop-down menu.

4) After you select "Merchant" from the Roles menu, a field will appear underneath that says "Merchant." This is where you link the new user to a Merchant Company. This field is a look-up that searches against existing Merchant Companies. Start typing the Merchant name and you should see the full name appear in a drop-down bubble. Select it, click the "Add" button, and then Save the page.

5) Your Merchant User is created! Merchants can now log into their "Merchant Portal" to view their FUNDED deals.

For the actual Merchant Portal:

6) I am logged into MCA Suite as a Merchant User. The first page shows a list of all my current funded deals with a snapshot of important funding details. I can export this page into an excel spreadsheet if desired.

7) Click on a deal name link to see more details about this deal and its transaction history. The transactions table can also be exported into an excel spreadsheet for the merchant's reference.