MCA Suite includes a team feature to help manage your teams, agents and related deals. See How do I set up teams? for more information. 

This article will help you understand how permissions determine visibility of deals for members of your team. 

Let's assume you have the following team set up: 

This team consists of three members. John Leader (the team leader), Agent One and Agent Two. 

Deals that are created by any of the three members on this team have the option of setting the access permission to "Team John"

Doing so will allow anyone on that team to view this deal. As always, any administrator can also see this deal. However, anyone who is not an administrator and not on this team won't be able to view this deal. This is a good way to separate deals between teams. 

Additionally, Team Leaders have the unique advantage of being able to see all team members' deals, even if the deal is set to an individual user permission. As long as a current member of the team has their name on the permission setting, the Team Leader will be able to view that page. 

The other team members (as long as they are agents) are excluded from this access - they can't view another team member's deal.

For example, if we set the access permission of "Merchant A Deal 1" to "Agent One":


When Agent Two searches for deals, this deal will not show up on their list: 

Note that Merchant B Deal 1 was entered by Agent Two

On John's deal search page, however, he will see that deal since he is the Team Leader: 

Note that John can see both Merchant A Deal 1 (the deal entered by Agent One) and Merchant B Deal 1 (the deal entered by Agent Two)

Please keep in mind, Administrators and Managers are able to view anything regardless of individual or team permissions.

**NB: "Assigned to" and "Permission" are different settings. Limited specific users might be assigned to a deal, but if the permissions are open to more users, they will also be able to see the deal.