The Broker User role grants a broker you work with limited access to your system so the broker may submit deals to you through MCA Suite. Instead of having to copy the information a broker sends via email, or some other channel, manually, you can simply create a Broker User account on MCA Suite and have the broker submit the application directly through the system. Likewise, you no longer have to send emails back and forth to track the status of deals since the broker can log in and view for the details. 

Setting up a Broker User 

To create a Broker User, you must first have an existing Company and Contact in MCA Suite that the system user will be affiliated with. You likely have a number of broker companies and contacts in MCA Suite that you work with already. Creating a Broker User and affiliating him with that company/contact record simply creates a log in for him on MCA Suite and lets you track his activity. Refer to What is a Contact for help with creating companies and contacts. Make sure to mark the company and contact type as 'Broker.' 

Once you've done that, browse to Admin > User Admin > Users and click 'Add New User'. Fill in the required information and then select 'BROKER_USER' from the Roles dropdown: 

You will be presented with two text fields for Broker and Contact. These are for the aforementioned broker company and contact that this user will need to be affiliated with. Enter both (the fields will auto complete as you type and you can select the company and contact) and click 'Add.' The broker will receive an email with the credentials you set up and he can then log into the MCA Suite Broker Portal.

Broker Portal 

The Broker Portal is a view designed specifically for brokers that wish to submit deals to your MCA Suite instance and keep track of their status. Here is an example of what a broker will see when he logs in: 

As you can see, there are currently 3 deals that have been submitted by Bob Broker. Here Bob can filter the list of deals he has submitted, view/add documentation or add another application.

Broker - Add New Application

Broker - Add Attachments

On the funder side, Bob's submitted deals will show up as Pending Deals: 

Here you can view Bob's submitted deals and decide if you would like to accept or reject them. Note that this list consists of not only Bob's deals but deals from other brokers as well. Clicking 'View' will show you all the information Bob entered related to this deal, including attachments. Here is what Paul's Pizza looks like: 

If you are satisfied with this deal and choose to accept it, simply click 'Add' and it will be copied into your system as a new deal with all the information Bob provided pre-populated.

In the details section of the deal, you will notice that the Source Company and Source Contact match the Broker Company and Broker Contact information affiliated with Bob's account. This is so MCA Suite can track who has sent you the lead. 

Back on Bob's Broker Portal, the deal will have moved from the Submitted Deals section to the Accepted Deals section. Bob can also see the current status of the deal and a limited amount of deal tracking information if it's available. 

Broker - Deal Tracking Details

Suppose Bob didn't enter in a deal through MCA Suite and only sent it to you via email. If you entered his affiliated Broker Company and Contact into the Source Company and Source Contact fields of the deal's details, it will STILL show up on Bob's list of Accepted Deals. This will allow Bob to track the status of that deal without having entered it in the system himself. 

Similar to when you accept a deal, if you reject a deal Bob will see that the deal has been rejected on his list of Submitted Deals. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about Broker Users, please contact the MCA Suite Support team at