If a user account has been locked after too many failed log-in attempts, only an ADMINISTRATOR for that subdomain can unlock it from the Admin panel.

If you are an Administrator user, first go to the Admin > User Administration page, and find the username whose account you would like to unlock.

After clicking the username link, you will be brought to the specific User Details page. From this page, click the "Unlock" button at the top right. This unlocks this user's account, and he/she can log in using his/her old password. However, you can also reset users' passwords from this page (although this is not necessary; users can still log in with their old password once an account has been unlocked).

If all admins are locked out of the system, please contact MCA Suite.

If you are an agent or other kind of user, you will need to contact your site admin to unlock your account.

Note: MCA Suite will lock your account after 5 failed log-in attempts.