This endpoint will return all the transaction for the deal.  You must supply either the deal id or a deal name.  A deal name will only work if you use unique deal names in the system.

Method: GET

URL: transaction/getTransactionsByDeal


dealIdYes, if no dealNameMCA Suite Deal ID
dealNameYes, if no dealIdDeal Name.  Only works if unique


Return Example


    "success": true,

    "dealId": 321,

    "transactions": [


            "id": 321,

            "date": "06/11/2021",

            "amount": "25.02",

            "collector": null,

            "merchantNumber": null,

            "type": "ACHWorks",

            "description": null,

            "transactionNumber": "M1-321"



            "id": 123,

            "date": "06/18/2021",

            "amount": "1255.10",

            "collector": null,

            "merchantNumber": null,

            "type": "Manual",

            "description": "Entered Manually",

            "transactionNumber": "323"