Yes! You can move transactions between funded Deals between Companies (does not have to be within the same Company). To do this, navigate to the Deal Tracking page with the transaction you want to move. For this example, we are using Deal 1 for Dan's Deli (merchant):

Scroll to the Transactions section of the page:

Check off the transactions you want to move. You will notice an icon with three dots on the bottom left of this table. Click that icon and select the "Move" option:


A modal will appear. Enter the name of the Company first - you can move transactions to a different merchant's Deal. Then select the Deal. In this example, we are staying with Dan's Deli as the Company, but moving transactions to "Deal 2." Click "Move" when ready.

You will see a confirmation on this Deal Tracking page to let you know the transactions have been moved:

Now, let's check the transactions we moved. We will navigate to Dan's Deli > Deal 2 and visit the Deal Tracking page:

If we scroll to the Transaction section of the page, we will see the moved transactions:

Moving transactions will update amounts and totals on both Deals, as well as just Deal Stages. For example, if moving transactions to a new Deal zeros out the balance on the Deal, it will move to the "Paid Off" stage.