The MCASuite REST API allows companies to integrate into MCA Suite system through a HTTP RESTful web service.  The API is designed to ease the painful process of hand entering data from one system to another system.  All responses will be in JSON format. 
All calls require two identifying header parameters for credentialing:


Both of these values will be generated by MCA Suite and provided to our customers. Please contact your representative to get these credentials. 
The Base REST URL will be provided to the customer upon API request.
The API will accept form encoded or json encoded parameters.
To test the rest url and parameter, we recommend to use the “Advanced Rest Client” extension on google Chrome.  If using the Chrome extension, please verify you use application/json as content type, and paste the json parameters into the Raw tab.


Our API credentials are associated to an MCA Suite user.  When creating contacts, a user is tied to that contact.  Please let us know if you want a specific MCA Suite user associated to the rest credentials.