Yes! You can create up to THREE Submission email profiles. This allows you to separate and categorize the Submissions you send to different recipients within the same Funder. So if you need to submit to select recipients and not every contact at the Funder, the additional email types will provide you this flexibility. 

To set-up Submission Profiles, go to the Company page for that Funder, and click on the Submission Profile left-side navigation tab. You'll see the option to enter addresses for three Email Types: Submission, Renewal and Contract. Even if these labels don't exactly apply, the idea is just to have separated profiles available. You can included multiple addresses in each type; just make sure to separate them with commas. Save when finished.

When you are ready to send your submission, and choose either the "Email + Attachments" or "Email + Link" options, you will be brought to this set-up page. From here, choose your Email Type from the drop-down.

Only Funders with email addresses entered for that type will appear. Select the Funders and Attachment Files you want to include, and complete the Submission as normal.