Our HelloSign integration allows you to send your MCA Suite Document Merge documents over to HelloSign for non-embedded e-signature requests.  You will need to sign up for the HelloSign API product. Your HelloSign plan must include API capabilities which is usually a higher costing monthly plan (Minimum of Standard API plan - Please verify with HelloSign as they update their pricing and plans frequently).  If you have more than 15 templates, you'll need to contact a sales rep. OR you can opt for the free Test Mode just to try the service first (these docs will be water-marked and for test purposes only).

All emails to the merchant will come from HelloSign (non-embedded requests).

Here are the steps to complete the integration:

1. Sign Up on HelloSign and obtain an API Key and create a client ID, and set an account callback.

1a. https://app.hellosign.com/home/myAccount?current_tab=api


1c.  Set your "Event Callback" to https://yoursubdomain.mcasuite.com/public/helloSignCallback/

1d. Get approval access to their API.  If it takes awhile, email HelloSign.

2.  After obtaining your API Key and Client ID you will enter then in MCA Suite.  Navigate to Admin > Integrations > HelloSign and add copy and paste your keys and id over.  Check the 'Test Mode' checkbox if you like to test first, this will watermark your documents with Test Hello Sign all over it.  After testing, uncheck the Test Mode checkbox.

3.  Now prepare your PDF app with HelloSign text tags as text.  https://app.hellosign.com/api/textTagsWalkthrough

Quick version, you will need to add text tags with [sig|req|signer1] or  [sig|req|signer2] 

For more detailed instruction, see our HelloSign tagging tutorial here.

*Note: you can't send a document with signer 1 and signer2 text tags and only send 1 signer over.  This will error out so you need to create two of same documents with one signer vs two signers, and choose the right template.

4.  Go to a Deal's Document Merge page, click the [...] button and select HelloSign.  Enter a subject, body, and select an email then press Send.  HelloSign will notify when the document is sent, viewed and signed.

5.  After the document is signed, you will be able to download the document from the Document Merge page.  You can always access HelloSign to view the documents as well.

Please read this article for tips and tricks: HelloSign Gotchas

Attached below is an example of pdf.