Yes! Similar to how columns on the Deal Search page can be customized, Administrators can change which filters are displayed on this page for everyone. This customization will be displayed and applied to all users in the main system. 

To customize this setup, navigate to the page Admin > Setup > Application Configuration > More (tab).  

Once in the More page, which will say "Deal Search Columns" first, click the "Filters" button:

From here, you can choose which filters you would like to add to the Deal Search page. The available filters will be listed in the drop-down menu, as seen below.  You can re-order the position of the filters by dragging and dropping each item, or remove filters at any time.

NOTE: Please keep in mind, if you would to customize deal filters beyond the default options, you will have to specify ALL the deal filters to display on the Deal Search page. In other words, you cannot just choose the additional filters you would like to include; you will have to choose all filters including the defaults and additional customized ones.