Yes! Agent users can view and track commissions you might create for them within a deal, by using the Commissions widget on their unique Agent Dashboard.

As a user role, Agents cannot view the commissions tab normally contained within a deal - we implemented this rule as a security measure so that commission information was not openly disclosed. However, in order to still allow agents to view and track their commissions, we created a Commissions widget available only to agent users, as part of their unique Agent Dashboard.

In order to use the Agent Commissions Dashboard, the first step is to associate a contact with the agent user profile. It is recommended that you create a contact person for each agent user inside your company, for whom you might create commissions. In this case, our company is MCA Suite, and we have create a contact for Kate Owens:

Kate Owens is also an agent user in our system. This is her user profile page. You can see the area highlighted asks to associate this user with the corresponding MCA Suite contact we already created:

Now that the association between user and contact has been established, this agent will be able to log in and view any commissions assigned to her inside deals. 

Here, for example, is a deal called "Kennys Bistro." This the Commissions tab inside the deal, and we can see that two payable commissions have been created for Kate Owens. One commission is outstanding while the other has been fully settled (ie, paid out):

Now we are logged in as Kate Owens. This is her special Agent Dashboard - select the Commission dashboard from the drop-down menu:

This is the Commissions Dashboard. It will show all commissions scheduled for the agent for any FUNDED deals. You can select a date range filter to view specific commissions. Any deal that still has commissions to be paid on it will be highlighted in red, as in the example for Kennys Bistro, below: