The Commission Administration page allows Admins to run and save various commissions reports across their pipeline. Commission Administration pages are not just reports; they are also live pages that allow admins to make updates to commission information saved within a deal.

To create these commission reports, navigate to the Admin > Commission Admin tab. You will see a list of existing saved reports here, and can click on any one to view and make changes. Or to generate a new report, click the Add New button:

From the Add Commission Report page, you will:

1) Give the commission report a name. The name needs to be unique (not already in use by another report) or else you will not be able to save;

2) Choose the type of commissions you would like to load in the report: either Payable or Receivable. You can only save one commission type at at time in a report;

3) Choose the Start and End Date ranges for the commission report. The system will search against current SCHEDULED DATES for all commissions falling within the specified date range;

4) Click "Load" to generate and view the new report:

This is what a new Commission Report will look like in this section:

The report shows the Broker Company to whom the commission will be paid; the Merchant and Deal associated with the commission; total remaining on that commission (Total Due); the commission scheduled date and amount; and the commission settled date and amount. Any commission that is paid in full will be highlighted in green.

You will notice that the Scheduled Amount, Settled Date, and Settled Amount spaces are live text fields. That is because these dates and amounts can be modified from this screen in order to edit the commission on the deal. Any changes made here will populate back to the Deals > Commissions page (which is where this data pulls from), and vice versa:

It's possible a commission is paid as soon as it's scheduled, so the Scheduled and Settled dates might be the same. We simply allow you to record later dates as the commission is being paid if necessary, in case the commission is not paid all at once. That's the difference between the Settled and Scheduled amounts.

Once you are happy with the commission information you have loaded, click Save button to save the report.

This report will now be available for you to view and edit at any time. You can also export it to an Excel spreadsheet, to have a printable version of the report available:

You can create as many commission administration reports as necessary.