The Direct Funding Dashboard contains all "tracked" (Funded) deals that have a current outstanding balance. Syndicated deals (deals with investors other than one single funder) are NOT included. Defaulted deals (deals that have been put into default in the CRM by clicking the "Default" button on the Deal Tracking page) also are NOT included.

The Direct Funding dashboard shows the total amounts of the deals you are actively funding ("Current") in gray, and ALL deals - including paid off deals- in blue.   

The important to thing to remember with this dashboard is that it shows deals you have funded directly. This mean it includes all unsyndicated deals (ie, deals you are the sole funder for) AND your particular syndicated portion of any syndicated deal. 

For example, you have Deal A unsyndicated with $10,000 payback. Deal B is also $10,000 payback, but this is a syndicated deal with you as an investor company participating 90%.  The total expected payback directly funded for these deals would be $19,000 = $10,000 + $9,000 (90% of $10,000).  

See the older V2 dashboard for more explanation.