Syndication Notes are messages you can leave investors on their Investor Portal per deal.

To allow investor users to see these notes, you must enable them in the User Administration page.  Navigate to the Admin > User Admin page, click the User sub tab and select an investor user to edit.  You will see a 'Show Investor Notes' checkbox.  Check the box and click 'Save'.  By default, this feature will be TURNED ON when creating Investor Users and all old investors will be enabled to see the notes.

To add an actual note for the investor, go to a Syndicated Deal and click on the Deal Syndication > Notes menu item on the left side:

Simply select whether the note will be for 'All' investors or an individual investor.  Type in a note and click Add:

As for the Investor User, when he logs in, he will be to see whether a deal has a certain note.  There will be a Note icon next to the Deal Name under his Deal Listing page:

After clicking on the icon, the Investor will be taken to the Deal Notes page, where he can view all notes for the Deal: