MCA Suite has created a more advanced checklist page that allows users to check when an item is "Received" and when it is "Approved."  

To activate this feature, an Administrator must go to Admin > Setup > Account Config.  Under Settings check 'Yes' under the question: "Do you want to activate the advanced Checklist page?" and click 'Save'.

The new checklist page [as seen below] has the following new features:

A) You can delete checklist items in bulk in two ways.  Check the items you want to delete or keep.  To keep the checked items, select 'Purge Unchecked.' To delete the items checked, select 'Purge Checked.'

B) Track Received vs Approved by checking the respective checkboxes.  This will list out who and when checked it under the item description.

C) Add a quick note to an item by clicking the [...] action and select 'Add Note'.  A textbox will appear under the item description.  To delete the note, double click the note and a confirmation will appear.