MCASuite offers many canned reports to help all our customers with their data needs.  Often times, a customer has a specific need and can request a custom report at an additional cost.  There are usually two routes we recommend when requesting a report:

1.  Customizing an Existing Report.  If there is already a report available with a majority of your fields, and you just need to add/remove or modify names, we can provide a quote to make these changes for you.  This is a more cost-efficient change from both sides.  Download the existing report and provide the changes you request.  Please highlight columns/changes on the spreadsheet.

2. New Custom Report.  In order to request a new report, provide a sample of the report you want.  To expedite the process, include THREE rows of data in your sample report.

Row 1 - Enter the column names you want to display on the report.

Row 2 - Enter the MCA Suite field name.  Sometimes the name you want does not match our field name in the system which is fine; we just need to see how the correspond.  If it the field does not exist and is a calculation, please define the logic.

Row 3 - Enter a sample row of data from a live deal and contact info.

We will work with your sample and provide feedback and modifications due to system and security constraints.  Fees will vary based on the size and complexity of the report.  A minimum fee of $400 is required for any custom report.