MCA Suite encourages its clients to use the support website knowledge base to find answers to most questions. If a client cannot find a solution this way, we expect our clients to open a ticket by sending an email to, where a team of technical professionals are monitoring inbound tickets. If you expect a swift response, do not send emails to individual team members; create a support ticket so that the entire team is contacted.  

General questions will receive a response from our team within 48 hours from ticket submission.  

If there is a technical problem or issue related to the MCA Suite application, the ticket will be categorized into four categories:

Target Response Time
Target Resolution Time
MCA Suite is inaccessible and our client cannot access their subdomain. Another example is: Funders cannot initiate translations
30 minutes from opening ticketWithin 4 hours
HighThese are important issues preventing our clients from performing major business functions such as sending emails, merging documents, etc. 4 hours from opening ticketWithin 12 business hours
MediumThese are problems with the system that customers use on a daily basis but a workaround can be done.  24 hours from opening ticketWithin 7 days
LowIssues where business is not impacted and can be ignored if nothing is changed3 days from opening ticketNext promotion cycle