To improve our understanding of our client’s request for feature enhancements, we would like our clients to create a feature request using the following process: 

  1. Create a print screen and highlight your request for change. 
  2. Write a paragraph describing what you wish the change to do. 

If it is a request for a new report or modification of an existing report, we need you to create a spreadsheet outlining all the columns you need. Use columns with our MCA Suite field names.  On a separate worksheet, list each column and write a brief description describing what you want each column to produce - i.e., if it’s a calculation we will need to know the formula.  Here is an article on requesting a custom report.

After we have received your feature request, we will discuss your request with our team to determine what is feasible and amount of work to be done.  There may be a fee associated with your request in which we will discuss with you prior to commencing work. 

We have many enhancement requests coming in daily, as well as a of backlog of requests we are constantly working through.  We prioritize requests that seem especially important to add, as well as those which will help the overall system. Please keep in mind most enhancements are modified to fit our system as a whole, and may not be customized specifically for you.