Yes! An administrator can change which columns are displayed on the Deal Search page for everyone.  Additionally, different columns can be displayed per stage.  This customization will be displayed and applied to all users in the main system. 

 To customize this setup, navigate to the page Admin > Setup > Application Configuration > More (tab) > Deal Search Columns.  

Choose a stage and select the columns you want to add and click 'Add' button.  Drag the columns up and down to re-order the way you want.  We recommend you choose 5 columns and no more than 6 columns to fit them in the page.  You will need to adjust as necessary by viewing the Deal Search page. 

By default, if nothing is setup, the columns are Date Created, DBA, Deal Name, Status, Source Company.  You can remove all the columns to go back to the default.

As of now only the default columns are sortable and additional columns will bot be added to the export.