What is RightSignature? 

RightSignature is an eSignature provider. If you do not have a RightSignature account, signup to integrate your contracts and other Merchant Cash Advance-related documents on the MCA Suite platform. You RightSignature plan MUST include Developer APIs.  Please contact RightSignature for pricing as their plans change.

By integrating with RightSignature, you will be allowed to send Document Merge docs (merged with our fields) directly to your merchants for signature requests.  This means will you need to tag signature locations in your templates. (See the Right Signature API for more information on placing signature locations here under Sending Requests (one-off documents)).  Note: documents will be flattened and un-editable by the signers.

You will need to add your own RightSignature Tags, which maybe trial and error.  We are not responsible for creating a document for you.

What do you need to get from RightSignature?

You will need register an API Key and obtain a Private API Token.

How to setup RightSignature integration on MCA Suite? 

1. Create an account with Right Signature if you don't have one that has the Developer API feature.  Please use our referral link: Right Signature Sign Up

2. Request a new API Key on Right Signature.  You may need to contact their support for assistance.  There are three required fields, Application Name, Description and Application Website.

  • Enter 'MCA Suite' for Application Name
  • Enter 'Integrate with MCA Suite CRM' for Description
  • Enter your website url for Application Website.

Wait until Right Signature approves (generally 1 hour) and obtain your Private API Token.

3. Log into MCA Suite and enter your new token.  Go to Admin > Setup > Integrations > Right Signature, enter your token and click Save.

4. You will now have access to send merged Docx and PDFs to Right Signature.  Navigate to any deal's Document Merge page, choose a pdf and click square button to send to Right Signature.

5.  After click right signature, you will be navigated to the Send for Signatures page.  Type in the filename if you want to change the name of the file.  Select all the recipients you want to have signed.  Choose a role, this will be a letter [a-z] depending on the number of signers you have.  Do not repeat roles.  In order to place signatures in the document, you will need to tag in your document [s:role:r].  In this case, Joshua will be role a, so in your document near your Signature you will need to place [s:a:r].  If you had an additional signer and assigned the role 'b' to it, it would be [s:b:r].  See the Right Signature API for more information on placing signature locations here under Sending Requests (one-off documents).  Note: You can send Docx or pdf format to RightSignature but keep in mind RightSignature does not support fillable PDFs (form fields).  

6.  After a successful send, Right Signature will email the document out for the recipients you choose.  You can view them at the bottom of the document merge page in MCA Suite or at the Right Signature website.  After the user signs the document via Right Signature, the status will update to executed and you can download the signed pdf.  In case the status needs a refresh you can click Update to refresh the status of a document.  In the case you want to void the document, click Void.  Only non executed documents can be voided.

The default expiration of the document is set to 7 days.


1. Add signature tags as text fields and not form fields.

2. Text and form fields cannot overlap or RightSignature will ignore them.