You can perform a bulk import of your deal syndication investors into MCA Suite instead of entering each manually. To import your investors, you must create and format a comma separated value (csv) file with the following columns in the table below.  There is also a template/example file at the bottom of the page to download.

AInvestor NameYExact name of the investor company in MCA Suite
BMerchant NameYExact name of the merchant company in MCA Suite
CDeal NameYExact Deal Name in MCA Suite
DInvestor %YThe investor percentage of the syndicated deal.  Either D or E are required.
EInvestor AmountYThe investor dollar amount of the syndicated deal.  Either D or E are required. If both entered D will replace E.
FFee Collection TypeYUse 'Concurrent' or 'Backend'.  The default is Concurrent if nothing entered.
GFee 1 Name
Name of the fee, recommend 'Management' for first fee. Will default to 'Fee' if non provided.
HFee 1 %The fee percentage for this syndicated investor.  Fee % or Fee Amount required if adding fee. Either H or J are required
IFee 1 Payback or Advance

Calculate the amount or % off the investor payback amount or advance amount.  Use the 'Payback' or 'Advance' values. Default is 'Payback' unless 'Advance' entered.
Fee 1 Amount

The fee amount in dollars for the investor.  Either H or J are required and H will replace J if both are entered.
KFee 1 Front End
'Yes' or 'No'.  Default will be No unless Yes is entered.
LFee 2 Name

Same as Fee 1 except for Fee 2
MFee 2 %

NFee 2 Payback or Advance

OFee 2 Amount

PFee 2 Front End

QFee 3 Name
Same as Fee 1 except for Fee 3
RFee 3 %

SFee 3 Payback or Advance

TFee 3 Amount

UFee 3 Front End

VFee 4 Name
Same as Fee 1 except for Fee 4
WFee 4 %

Fee 4 Payback or Advance

YFee 4 Amount

ZFee 4 Front End

Once you have your file ready, go to Admin > Import > Syndicated Investors page to select the file to be imported.  After the file has been uploaded. Click 'Process' to proceed.

All correct rows in the CSV will be uploaded into the system while any rows with errors will not be uploaded and skipped.  A message will be displayed regarding the erroneous rows.  

Note it is your job to ensure your investor amount/percentages total to 100%.  The system will only catch the last investor being imported exceeds 100%.  

This feature is ONLY available if you are using the Syndication Multi Fees feature.