Yes! If you have several Document Merge files uploaded to your CRM, and you need a way to quickly filter or group the options you want to merge, you can set up categories to identify templates. This way you can sort your templates more easily according to title, keyword, type, etc. - whatever you choose to use as a category.

To set up Document Merge categories:

1. Navigate to the Admin > Setup > Templates page, Document Merge section. 

2. Next to each template file name, either already in your system or after you upload a new document, you will see a Category and Subcategory textbox. Enter in a word or phrase in the Category or Subcategory textbox, and click "Update" to the right under the Action column.  Click "Update" for each file you want to label.

3. Next, navigate to the Deals > Document Merge page in any Deal. On this page, there will be a drop-down filter. 

4. Select the category and only files under that category will appear.