An administrator can create email templates in the Administration section of MCA Suite.  Email templates are used to pre populate subject and body of an email with canned responses.   Navigate to Admin > Setup > Templates as an admin user and scroll down to the 'Templates' section.  

You can then add template by clicking Add on the right hand side.

A pop up will appear to enter in the template name, a subject and body information.  Fill out the information and click save.  The name and body are required.   You can edit any template by clicking on the link.  You may also re-arrange the order of the templates that will show on the dropdown by clicking the three horizontal bar icon and drag it up and down.

Like our document merge feature, you can also add variables in the email template that will pre-populate with values from the deal.  You will need to insert the variable names into template with the following syntax: ${VARIABLE_NAME}.

For more information about document merge, with links to our tutorials on how to insert variable names and a list of our active merge codes, please see this article. 

Once you have added all your email templates., you can choose any template from the email / correspondence pages to pre populate the subject and body.