MCA Suite offers our clients (funders and brokers) to send emails to its recipients (merchants). Based on current email security standards, MCA Suite requires all of our customers to use their own email servers to send out emails from MCA Suite. 

Below are three entries you (or your IT staff) will need to add to your DNS (domain name server): 

1.  Add a SPF record. 

TXTmg#1  [to be provided by MCA Suite support]

Example, if your domain is  The SPF hostname should be  You should not change your global domain spf record.

2.  Add a DKIM record

TXT#2 [to be provided by MCA Suite support]#3  [to be provided by MCA Suite support]

3.  Add MX records


4. Add DMARC - New gmail requirements to avoid spam.   If you don't have a record already, please add at a minimum p=none.  This should be added 48 hours after your SPF and DKIM record.  Read more here.

v=DMARC1; p=none;


Our support team will provide values for #1, #2, #3 from above that is specific to your MCA Suite tenant. Once verified, we will setup your SMTP info.