MCA Suite provides the ability to change automatically a deal status from one to another when there is no activity on that deal for a predefined amount of time. 

This is useful for automatically "killing off" deals that have been sitting around for some time. Perhaps a merchant hasn't responded to an application for a few weeks or it has been a few days and a funder never showed any interest. In those cases, it's probably safe to assume the deal status can be changed to something noting the deals themselves are inactive/dead/etc. It will also save users the trouble of having to follow up and manually update statuses on these dormant deals.

To set up an automatic deal status update, browse to Admin > Setup > Automation. From there, admin users can add rules that define what the original status of the deal is, what the new status of the deal should be and how much time should pass before automatically changing the deal status. Currently, users are limited to adding a maximum of 3 automated updates.  


In the above example, if there are deals with a status of "New" that have not had activity in 14 days or more, their status will automatically be changed to "Dead". 

MCA Suite will check every evening to determine which deals have not had any activity (no updates, no notes added, etc) for the predefined amount of time and update the status accordingly. Once complete, an email will be sent to your settings email address listing the deals that were impacted.