What is a Campaign?

Brokers and funders need to know where they are getting their deals from so they can better manage their marketing budget. With MCA Suite, brokers and funders can track lead sources by using the Campaign field on the Deal Details page. The Campaign field searches against campaigns set up on MCA Suite.

What is the difference between a Campaign and a Lead Source?

A Lead Source or Source Company is usually the person or company responsible for bringing the deal. For example, I am a funder called Funder 1. I work with various brokers, including Broker A, Broker B and Broker C. Broker A brought me a merchant and deal I eventually funded. Broker A would be the Source Company on that deal. I can view all the deals that Broker A has brought to me and generate reports to view profitability.

A Campaign is more marketing related, and is a feature more important to brokers and funders. It explains the “how” and “where” of lead generation. Say I am Broker A and I brought the deal to Funder 1. How did I get that lead? From an ad I placed on Google. So the Campaign for that deal might be, “Google ad placed in October,” and the Campaign Company would be “Google” (the company responsible for generating the campaign).

How to set up campaigns

To create a list of campaigns, go to the Administration > Campaigns section. On this page, users will see a listing of campaigns set up as well as the number of deals (aka leads) each campaign has brought to the broker or funder.

To add a new campaign, click on the “Add” button and it will take the user to the Campaign Details page.

The Campaign Details page will perform a look-up against the MCA Suite database to look for the Company Name to reduce duplications. This page will do a look-up against ALL companies of any contact type; however, from a user standpoint, the Company Name entered here will most likely be a marketing company with a contact type of “Vendor.”

If no Company Name is found, users should add a New Company in MCA Suite. The reason we have this validation is to group campaigns under a particular company and allow funders and brokers to view all campaigns they have running with that company. We recommend users mark Campaign Companies as a “Vendor” contact type. The same company can have multiple campaigns.

After the Company Name, users must enter a Campaign Name. Campaign Names must be unique – there can be no duplicate campaign names.

In the Campaign Details page, users will also be able to enter a brief description about the campaign. This description is for reference only. Users can also enter a budget for the campaign to track marketing spending (also for reference).

Once a Campaign has been created, you can view and edit Campaigns by clicking on the Campaign name. In the Campaign Details page, you will also be able to see a list of Deals associated with the Campaign (see below):