MCA Suite has integrated with Microbilt to provide credit check and bank verification services. In order to take advantage of these services, please do the following: 

1. Obtain credentials from Microbilt ( You must specifically ask for Experian credit check as there are extra forms to fill.  These credentials are different than your Microbilt user login.  Ask Microbilt support for integration credentials.

2017 - We've added Microbilt's MicroMerge, a tri bureau merge.  You will need separate credentials as well.

2. Add credentials to Admin > Setup > Integrations. You'll have to enter separate credentials for the two services - one for the credit check and another for the instant bank verification (IBV). 

Once your Microbilt credentials are saved, you can test that your credentials are correct for each service. 

Credit Check

For the credit check, browse to any owner credit page (Deal > Documents > Owner Credit) and click on the 'Microbilt Credit Pull' button. If the button is not visible, please make sure your credentials were saved. 


A pop up will appear where you can fill out any additional information related to the individual who will have his or her credit pulled. The pop up will pre-fill data from the owner's contact information.  Address values will only be populated from the owner's "Home" address.


Once complete, click "Send" and MCA Suite will communicate with Microbilt to generate a credit report. The page will refresh and the credit report will be available for download in the Attachments section as a PDF. The name will be the unique identifier that Microbilt uses. This is useful if you need to reference the report with Microbilt for any reason in the future.  

For a sample credit report, please see attached. 

Instant Bank Verification

For the instant bank verification, browse to any bank statements page (Deal > Documents > Bank Statements) and click on the 'Microbilt IBV' button. 

A pop up will appear with information available about the business already filled in. If you'd like to enter in any missing information, you can do so now.  It is important that the "Email" field lists the merchant's email address. Microbilt will send a link with instructions to that email address asking the user to verify information about his or her bank account. 

Once complete, click "Send" and MCA Suite will communicate with Microbilt to generate an instant bank verification report. The page will refresh and you will see the request listed with a status of "Submitted." This means that the request has been submitted and MCA Suite is waiting for the merchant to verify his or her bank credentials. 

You can click on the "Check Status" link to manually see if the merchant has completed the verification process. When the merchant has done so, the status will update to "Verified" and the IBV report will be available for download. 


Sample IBV Report