MCA Suite will allow settled transactions from Actum Processing (Actum) to be applied automatically to deals in MCA Suite via an FTP Process. There is no integration to allow debiting or order creation from MCA Suite to Actum.  All orders must be created on the Actum website.  

Below are the steps you will need to take to configure your MCA Suite instance to be integrated with Actum.

1.  Obtain Credentials

First you will need to obtain FTP credentials.  Contact Actum support ( and CC to notify them you want to setup daily ftp files.

2. Setup Payment Gateway

After obtaining credentials, you will be able to add the Actum Payment Gateway in MCA Suite.  First, go to the Gateways main tab and click the Add button on the Payment Gateways page:

You will be prompted to select your Payment Gateway type; choose “Actum” from the dropdown menu. You also need to name your Gateway. This can be any name that is particularly appropriate or helpful to you; clients typically use their company name as the Gateway title. Click on SAVE when you are done.

You will then be taken to a page where you will be asked to enter the credentials obtained from Actum.  The required fields are Gateway Name, Hostname, Username, Password and Parent ID.  The Parent ID is the Username in all caps.  (e.g. if username is a123456, parent is A123456).  If you are currently processing transactions and would like to apply older transactions from Actum, DO NOT check "Enable FTP."  Please consult with MCA Suite first so we can do a one time historical import. You will need to set up all order numbers (part 3) to all your past deals before we can import historical data.  If you do not need to import older data, check "Enable FTP".   Once you click Save, an internal MCA Suite company (Collector-type) will be created with the name "Actum Processing".

3. Setting up deals to apply transactions

After saving the payment gateway, a new company (Collector-type) will be created called "Actum Processing".  All orders created on Actum will have an "Order Number".  This Order Number will be used to match transactions to a deal.  Navigate to a Deal Tracking page, go to the Collection Method section, and choose Collector: "Actum Processing" and add the Order Number to the "Merchant #" field.  Going forward, settled transactions will now be applied to the deal.

Use the Order Number from Actum's website:

4.  After adding all the merchant number / order number into MCA Suite, navigate back to the Payment Gateway setup, check "Enable FTP" and click save.  

One time payments
If creating a one time payment from Actum, add your original order number to the "Your Order Number", otherwise a new order number will be created and you will have to add an additional collection method / merchant number to associate it to the deal.