Yes! If there is a field on your documents you would like to populate during Document Merge, but there is no corresponding field in MCA Suite, you can create Custom Merge Fields. You will define the field name, the merge code tag, and pre-fill the value that should merge.

To start, go to the Administration > Setup > Application Configuration page, and click on Custom Merge Fields tab. Here you will be prompted to enter the field name, and define the actual tag that will be used to code your template. The tags need to be entered in all caps, and will be prefixed with "CUSTOM_". Click the "Add" button when finished. You can always return to this page and edit or add additional Custom Merge Fields.

Next, you are ready to determine the "value" of the Custom Merge Fields, as in the actual information that will merge whenever this Custom Merge Field is used. These values will vary by Deal.

To set the values of the Custom Merge Fields, go to the Document Merge side navigation tab located inside any Deal.

Navigate to the Custom Fields section of this page. Here, you can enter the values (information) for your new Custom Merge Fields. Each new Deal you create, even within the same Merchant, will allow you to set new values for each Custom Merge Field. Click Save when you are finished.

Run the Document Merge as normal. Make sure your template is properly coded first, with the Custom Merge Field tags. Click here for more information about the Document Merge process, including both how to prep your document and how to run the merge.

Every time you run a Document Merge for this Deal with these Custom Merge Fields, the specified values will populate to your document.

Note: If you delete a custom merge field from admin application page, it will delete from all deal pages that was entered before.

Update: You can now specify a few places where the custom field will appear.  Choose "None" to keep it on the Document Merge page.