If you have set up a list of Qualifying Questions on your MCA Suite instance (How do I setup Qualifying Questions?), the questions will appear on all Person Contacts that are in the "Lead," "Assigned" and "Declined" statuses (refer to the MCA Suite Setup guide for details on Contact Statuses), as well as Deals. They will also appear on any new MCA Application page you submit into MCA Suite.

There are two ways to use Qualifying Questions in MCA Suite:

1.  Use Qualifying Questions as a part of the Lead conversion process. This process allows you to talk to each Contact (Person) who is a Merchant, and ask them a list of qualifying questions before putting the Merchant through the application process. There are also two ways for users to get to the Qualifying Questions tied to the contact:

(1) The first way is through the Leads tab where you can use the Action button on the page to quickly answer the list of qualifying questions:

(2) Another way to view the Qualifying Questions tied to a Contact, is to go to the Person Contact page and locate the "Questions" tab:

From this tab, you can save answers to each question or put the person through the application creation process ("Add Application" button, which creates a Deal). The answers can be edited as long as a Deal has not been created for the Person Contact. When users save the answers to the Qualifying Questions, MCA Suite will create a time stamp in the Notes section of the Contact page.

When the user clicks on the "Add Application" button, MCA Suite will copy all the answers from the Contact's Qualifying Questions tab to the Deals > Application page.

Once a Deal is created with the Contact, the answers to the Qualifying Questions lock and become read-only. All further edits to the answers must be performed in the Deal.

2.  Users can also access the list of Qualifying Questions through the New MCA Application page. During the Add Application process, the list of Qualifying Questions (same as the ones displayed on the Person Contact > Questions page), are shown inside the Application.

Once saved, the answers to the Qualifying Questions here will copy to the Deal > Application page (where they are editable) and to the Person Contact > Questions page (where they are read-only).