Qualifying Questions, some times referred to as Lead Sheets, are a set of questions MCA Funders and Brokers/ISO's ask merchants before moving a merchant through the underwriting process . The Qualifying Questions are a questionnaire in MCA Suite tied to a Deal or a Person (Contact) when that Person is in the "Lead," "Assigned" or "Declined" status (What are Contact Statuses?).

To set up Qualifying Questions, go to Admin > Setup > Qualifying Questions page, enter the question in the text box and click on the "Add" button. You can also change the order by dragging the question up and down the list.

Please Note:  If a deal/lead is already tied to a set of questions, adding a new Qualifying Question in the Admin section will NOT add the additional question to that deal/lead.  However, editing the question will affect questions already tied to a deal/lead.