MCA Suite allows you to create statements to be sent to Merchants via bulk email. The bulk email will be sent out at night for batch processing.  Before you can send out Merchant statements, you'll need to make sure your deal has the following:

1. A primary contact defined for the deal.

2. For the primary contact, make sure s/he has an email address entered that is type = “Statement.”, otherwise the first email will be used.

To create a statement, you'll need to be an administrator and have access to the Admin tab. From the Admin tab, go to the Statements tab where you'll see a list of statements you've sent out in previous months. To create statements to be emailed to Merchants, click on the Create Statements button.

From the screen below you'll need to set the statement date range. This date range will define the transactions to be included in the statement. It will also calculate the amount repaid and outstanding balance based on the last date on the specified date range.

Once the date ranges have been set, MCA Suite will pull all open deals with an amount outstanding and all the transactions in the specified date range and has an "Statement" email setup. You'll see all the deals on a list like the one below.  Grouped deals will be listed last.

From the list you can uncheck the merchants whom you wish not to receive the statement.

Click on the schedule button to distribute all the statements to the merchants. Statements will be sent at night the same day as scheduled.  The user sending the statements will be CC'd on the email.  A list of Merchants who have received the statements will be saved and can be accessed for reference at a later date.

We recommend you create a test email to preview a statement.