If you are not familiar with importing transactions, please review this article on how to import transactions.  MCA Suite allows you create different formats to import your transactions.  The same fields and required fields will be imported with a custom csv format, but the custom format allows you to have any order of columns in your csv file.

To create a custom format, go to Admin > Import > Transactions and select your file to upload.  After you select your file, a format dropdown will appear as well as a "Create a new import format" link.  If you are using the standard import transactions template, choose Default, however click "Create a new import format" link to begin the process.

You must fill in all the required fields:

1. Give a name for the format.

2. Enter in a starting row.  If there is a header line, the starting row will be 2; if there is not, it will be 1 most likely

3. A preview of the first 5 rows of the file you uploaded will be shown.  You can use this to help you map the column letters to the appropriate field.  In the example below, the amount data is in column B, so you will select B in the Amount dropdown.  Any extra columns in the CSV file will be ignored.


Once you hit save, the system will navigate you back to import transactions page.  In the Format dropdown, your new format should appear, select it and click Process.