Yes, once you select a Submission Offer to be funded, you can do a mass status update for the other Submissions not selected.

When a Submission Offer is accepted by a Merchant, MCA Suite users will select that Offer in the Submissions tab of a Deal by clicking the "Select" button next to the Offer. After doing this, a modal appears asking users to complete the required information before that Offer can be called funded in the system (e.g., funding details, submission status update). However, if merchant applications were sent to multiple Funders, there might be several Submissions NOT selected that also require updates, so that they are not "dangling" and seen as incomplete. To prevent this from happening, we have included an "Other Submissions Status" section to the modal. The "Other Submission Status" section enables users to choose a single Submission Status and include a note to be associated with the status. Once the user clicks on "Save," both the status and note will be created for the non-selected Submissions associated with the Deal.