Yes, MCA Suite allows you to do a mass permission change and/or user reassignment on multiple records (Admins only). Follow the steps below to perform a mass update of permissions and to reassign a different user to a Deal or Contact:

1.  First, you will need to identify the user with the permission ownership and/or the user assigned to a particular Deal or Contact. To find out who has permission or is assigned to a Contact (Lead) or Deal, go to Admin > User Administration and select the username to view.

2.  Once you have selected the user, scroll down to the Contacts and Deals sections, where you will see a listing of Contacts and Deals that are currently assigned to the selected user. The selected user might also be granted permission access to those Contacts and Deals, perhaps exclusively among agent users (i.e., if an agent created a Deal and set permission access to himself only, which means other non-admin users will not be able to access the Deal).

3.  Next to the Contacts and Deals list, you will find a 'View All' button. Click on the 'View All' button to view a list of Deals/Contacts currently assigned to the selected user, or Deals/Contacts to which that user has access permission.

4.  Using the View All for Deals as our first example: from the list, you can click on the Deal link to view additional details. To change permission or assignment, you will need to check off the boxes on the left-hand side of each Deal to select the Deal(s) for which you wish to change permissions or user assignment. 

5.  After selecting the Deals for which you wish to change permissions or assignments, select an "Action" from the dropdown menu. The following are the available actions with a description of their intended effect: 

  • Change Permissions - allows users to change Deal permission from the selected user to another user or team, or to everyone.


User can tick the checkbox to "Remove all other users" and assign the Deal to a single user from the dropdown list (a).

User also tick the checkbox to "Apply to Deal's Contacts," which will also change the permission of the Contact(s) associated with the selected Deal(s) (i.e., will change permission setting on both the Deal, and the Company and Owner Contacts associated with Deal).

  • Set Assigned To - allows users to change the Assigned To 1 or Assigned To 2 users


IMPORTANT TIP: You will most likely want to change the permission status of a deal, AS WELL AS reassign the deal to a new user. REASSIGN THE DEAL TO A NEW USER FIRST. If you change the permission status of the selected deal, the system will clear it from the list on your screen. But if you change the assigned to user first, the deal will remain on the page, and you can click it again to change the permission setting.

  • Delete Deal - allows users to delete the Deal from the MCA Suite instance

6. To change permissions or user assignments on Contact records (e.g., Leads), from the User Admin page, click the "View All" button in the Contacts section. Repeat steps 4 and 5.