MCA Suite integration with Decision Logic allows you to perform bank statement queries from your MCA Suite instance and have the information associate with an existing Deal. Only the summary information is pulled onto the MCA Bank Statements page. Other information will be included as an attachment to the page.

To setup the Decision Logic integration with your MCA Suite instance, you must obtain the following credentials from Decision Logic:

1. Inform your Account Manager at Decision Logic that you wish to be integrated with MCA Suite and you will need:

A) Service Key

B) User GUID

C) Profile GUID

2. Second, you'll need to let Decision Logic know the two notification URL redirects (one for success & one for failure). This must be set in order for MCA to pull bank information from Decision Logic.

The Success URL should be your subdomain/public/decisionLogicSuccess/{requestCode}

The Failure URL should be subdomain/public/decisionLogicFailure/{requestCode}

For example: If your subdomain is Tell them to set it to:



Once you have the information from Decision Logic, you’ll need to add the credentials to your MCA Suite instance. Follow the steps below to add your credentials:

  1. Admin Tab -> Setup -> Integration -> Decision Logic

      2. Enter Service Key, User GUID and Profile GUID. Click the "Save" button to verify - this may take a few seconds. 

After completing steps 1 and 2, you will be able to make Decision Logic requests from the Deals > Documents > Bank Statement pages.

To make a Decision Logic request, open an existing Deal. Locate the Documents > Bank Statements tab. When the Decision Logic integration is setup, you'll see a Decision Logic button on the page.

  1. Click on Decision Logic button on Bank Statements page. A modal will pop up. First Name, Last Name and email will be auto populated from the owner.

  2. The first email on the contact will appear. If there are more than one owners, you will have option to choose and pre-populate with other owners. Or you can add them in manually.

  3. Fill out all fields including merchant's routing and account number. When you click Send, a request to decision logic will be made as if you are running it on their UI.

  4. An email will be sent to the email listed to verify their bank credentials. The email will include a link to the DecisionLogic website for verification.

  5. Once the borrower confirms his/her bank credentials via Decision Logic, MCASuite will receive and populate information onto the Deal > Bank Statements page. This process may take a few minutes.
  6. An email will be sent to the MCA Suite user requesting the information from Decision Logic, confirming that the merchant has successfully verified his bank information and that MCA Suite has pulled bank records for this deal.

  7. A .csv file of information from DecisionLogic will be added as an attachment. If there are more than one bank account at the same bank, each account will be populated on the Bank Statements page.