You should contact the MCA Suite support team to gain access to the MCA Suite test environment to test the format of your comma separated values (csv) file before importing your deals to your MCA Suite instance.

Before importing deals the company must exist in the system first.  We recommend you import Contacts first or add contacts manually prior to this step.

You can perform a bulk import of your deals into MCA Suite instead of entering each manually. To import your deals, you must create and format a comma separated value (csv) file with the following columns: 


Company Name
Legal name of the company. This field must exist in your system and be an exact match

Name of the deal

A description for the deal

Type of deal (e.g. Cash Advance, General).  Default 'Cash Advance'

Advance Amount

Amount of the cash advance

Cash advance factor
Funded Date

Date the deal was funded
Administrative Fees

Any administrative fees associated with the deal
Collection Type

Type of collection (e.g. ACH)

The collection company associated with the deal
Merchant Number

The unique merchant number associated with this merchant for collections. [Merchant numbers need to be unique to merchants - can be reused across deals for same company. Can be alphanumeric.]

LDeal Status A valid deal status in the system.  Case Sensitive.
MSource Company  Name of a company in the system.
NSource Contact
First and last name of a person in the system.  If duplicate, the first contact will be found.
OAssign To 1    
Assign a user to the deal. Must match the username in the system.
P    Assign To 2
Secondary agent assigned to the deal.  Must match the username in the system.
QDeal Category
Deal category

Funding Company for the deal
S# of Payments

Bank - Number of Payments
TBank Name

Name of Bank
UTotal Deposit

Bank - Total Deposits.  Use a number with no $ format.  
VAvg Daily Balance

Bank Average Daily Balance. Use a number with no $ format.  
WAvg Monthly CC
Merchant Processing Page - Average Monthly CC

Company Employer IdentificationNumber
YBusiness Start Date

Start of business
ZOwner 1 SSN

First owner's social security number
AAOwner 1 FICO

First owner's FICO score
Exp Daily Rate    

Expected Daily Rate ($) for deal
Collection Schedule

Schedule for payment collections: Banking Days Only, Weekdays Only, Every Day, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly.
CANNOT import a Custom schedule.

NOTE:  Spelling of Collection Schedule needs to match what is in the system; please enter as written above.
ADCollection Start Date
Must have Collection Scheduled entered.  Date in MM/dd/YY format.  Date to start collecting transactions.

Once you have your file ready, go to Admin > Import > Contacts & Deals page to select the file to be imported. 

Click the "Upload" button to upload your file to MCA Suite. If your csv file format does not meet our validation rules, you will see a rejection message. After your csv file has been accepted by MCA Suite, you will see an "Upload Success!" message and the uploaded file listed. 

You can then click the "Process" button to complete the upload process. If there are any errors while processing, you will receive error messages detailing the problems that need to be resolved in order to continue.

Attached to this article, you will see a template containing an example of what can be imported into MCA Suite. Note the header file (first row) is required and will be ignored during the import process.

Before you run a large deal import file, it is HIGHLY suggested that you test a FEW lines of deals first. In case there is an issue, it is easier to identify the problem if there are less new deals to sift through, as well as delete any faulty deals that may have been added.