Once you have created a Deal in MCA Suite, you can send an email with attachments to the Merchant directly from the Deals page.

To send emails and attach files to the emails, go to the selected Deal's "Correspondence" tab and click on the "Send Email" button.

The files made available to send as attachments with a Deal email, come from two sources:

1) The various Document pages (and Checklist page) inside a Deal. Each of these pages has a space for users to upload attachments. Files uploaded to those "Attachments" sections will display as files to select on the email modal (reference to locate all uploaded files tied to the selected deal);

2) "Personal Correspondence Attachments" section of the Admin > Set Up > Templates page. Because this section is only available to administrators (as is the entire Admin main tab), only admins can upload and organize Personal Correspondence Attachments.

Here's a link explaining the sources from where files are made available for selection as attachments to Deal emails.

Refer to the MCA Suite Setup Guide on how to set up email Templates.