Current clients with a USAePay account can use MCA Suite to initiate daily debits on USAePay by integrating MCA Suite with their USAePay Payment Gateway. Below are the steps you will need to take to configure you MCA Suite instance to be integrated with USAePay

1. Creating Source Key and PIN for the Gateway on USAePay

The first step to integrating ACHWorks with your MCA Suite instance is to set up a source key code and associated PIN on USAePay. To do this, you must have access to the online USAePay vTerminal at Once you log in, click on the Settings tab:

From the Settings page, click on the Source Keys link/button. This is where you will be prompted to enter a Source Key and PIN to identify your USAePay gateway.

From the Source Keys page, click the Add Source button.

You will be taken to a screen to enter the details of your new Source. Give the source a name, for example the name of your company. Next, select a PIN number (4-6 digits). Leave the rest on the page alone.

Click the “Save” or “Apply” button to save these changes. The USAePay vTerminal will automatically create a Key to be associated with this Source.

Now that you have created a Source Key and PIN for your Gateway, you are ready to set it up on MCA Suite.

2. Setting up USAePay Payment Gateway on MCA Suite

When you are ready to set up your Payment Gateway on MCA Suite, click on the Gateways top navigation tab. The Gateways tab will be enabled for your instance and will only be available to admins. Once you are on the Payment Gateways page, click the “Add” button to create a new Gateway:

You will be prompted to select your Payment Gateway type; choose “USAePay” from the dropdown menu. You also need to name your Gateway. This can be any name that is particularly appropriate or helpful to you; clients typically use their company name as the Gateway title. Click the “Save” button when you are done.

Next you will be taken to the USAePay Set Up page. You will see 6 fields to enter information into or select. These fields are:

1) Profile Name – a required field that is auto-filled with the name you assigned the Gateway on the previous screen;

2) Key this is the Source Key generated for your Gateway on the USAePay vTerminal. Go back to the vTerminal, click on Settings > Source Keys and find the Source you just created. Copy the Key code listed on the table and paste it into this field;

          STEP 1:


          STEP 2:        

3) PIN this is the PIN you associated with the Source Key. On the vTerminal, from the Settings > Source Key page, find the correct Source. Click the “Edit” button, which will bring you to the Source Editor page. Copy the PIN listed here and paste it into this field;

          STEP 1:

          STEP 2:

4) Daily Notifications (optional) – select this checkbox if you would like to receive a daily email showing transactions that errored AND recurring billing schedules that have reach their num left threshold (see #6);

5) Email Address (optional) – enter the email address where you would like this Daily Notification email to be sent;

6) Num Left Threshold (optional) – set amount or “number” of payments left at which point you would like to be notified. For example, you would like MCA Suite to let you know when there are 10 payments remaining on a particular billing schedule.

Click on the “Save” button when you have finished entering the Setup information. MCA Suite will run a validation check to make sure the Source Key and PIN match. Once the validation is confirmed, you will see this screen:

Now that the validation was successful, you will be prompted either to select the
Sync Customers button, which will sync any current customers you have set up with USAePay (i.e., via vTerminal), or to Skip this option. If you select “Skip” you will not be able to sync customers later. Choose this option if you have no current customer information. Make sure the “Enable USAePay” checkbox is selected.

The USAePay Gateway set-up is finished! You can now enter new Customer and Billing Schedule information to begin scheduling daily merchant debits.

3. Creating Customers and Billing Schedules

To create a new customer on your USAePAy Gateway, click on the USAePay Customer List tab from inside the Gateway section. This will bring you to the Customer List page, where you will see a table displaying your current USAePay customers and their recurring payment information. Click the “Add New Customer” button.

This will bring you to a blank Billing Schedule page. This billing page mimics USAePay’s billing page.

This page consists of the following fields:

a) Merchant Name – this refers to the merchant company/customer you are debiting. This field functions as a LOOK-UP field against your current merchant company contacts in MCA Suite. So the merchant you would like to create a USAePay customer/billing schedule for, must already exist as a contact in MCA Suite. Simply start typing the name of the merchant customer, and the company should appear in a drop-down menu. Select the company.

b) Schedule Enabled? – select this checkbox if you would like to enable the billing schedule to collect payments from this merchant.

c) Schedule – select the frequency of the debits. You may choose from Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually, First of Month, or Last Day of Month.

d) Weekdays Only – select this checkbox if you would only like to collect payments Monday through Friday. If this checkbox remains unselected, debits will also be made to the merchant on the weekends.

e) Description (Optional) – if you would like to add a memo to the billing schedule, you can enter it here.

f) Next Date – for first-time billing schedule creation, select the date of when you would like the debits to being (next date payment will be collected). After you create the billing schedule, the next date will be automatically updated by MCA Suite.

g) Num Left – number of payments you would like to collect. This number also gets updated by MCA Suite. NOTE: Num Left will update according to days that pass. It does not take into consideration bounced or NSF payments. If a payment is ever errored or returned, you will need to update the Num Left to make sure the correct total number of payments is still collected.

h) Tax (Optional) – enter any tax amount here.

i) Order ID – enter an Order ID of your choosing here. This order ID will identify the customer/billing schedule as unique and will be used to tie a deal in MCA Suite to a billing schedule in USAePay (the actual integration between the two systems). Can be a series of numbers or letters. This field is usually left blank when there is only one deal per company. It is more useful when there are more than one deals per company in MCASuite, or when deals are being refinanced.

j) Amount – daily payment amount.

k) Routing Number – merchant’s routing number. Max 9 digits.

l) Account Number – merchant’s account number.

m) Type – although there is a dropdown menu, the only available choice for account type is “Checking.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: All recurring payment with a next date of “today” MUST be entered before 3PM eastern in order to process the same day.

When you have finished filling out the fields and have reviewed and verified the information, click “Save” to create the USAePAy customer and enable the billing schedule. After a successful save, the Billing Schedule page will look like this:

You will see that a series of new buttons appears at the top of the page. They are:

a) One-Time Payment – allows you to make a one-time debit or credit to the merchant. They DO NOT affect the recurring billing schedule and the num left.

b) Update USAePay – you can make changes to a customer or billing schedule from the Payment Gateway on MCA Suite. If you would like for any of these changes to populate to the customer/debit information on the USAePay vTerminal side, click this button to update.

c) Save – click to save any changes made to this page.

d) Cancel – click to exit Customer/Billing Schedule page and return to Customer List page.

e) Delete – click to delete the Customer/Billing Schedule. This will delete the customer from USAePay and stop the debits against the merchant.

At the bottom of the page is a section called Transaction Totals
(f). This section will update as debits are made against this merchant, showing a current standing of total payments made, as well as specifically the number of payments that are Settled, Submitted (ie, not yet settled), Errored or Returned.

4. Linking a Deal to a USAePAy Billing Schedule

The actual integration between MCA Suite and USAePay involves linking a deal to a set billing schedule. Now that a USAePay billing schedule has been created for a merchant, you can link it to one of his current deals.

First, the deal you would like to link must be TRACKED in our system (showing that it has been funded). To the track a deal, navigate to that deal’s Summary page. Click on the “Track Deal” button at the top right corner of the page.

You will be prompted to enter a funded date as well as a few other funding details. Once you click Save, MCA Suite will create a Deal Tracking page for this deal:

Scroll down to section of this page titled, “Collection Method.” Select the Payment Gateway checkbox.

This opens up additional fields in this section. First, select the correct USAePay Gateway from the “Gateway Name” dropdown:

Once you select the Gateway, MCA suite should automatically populate the correct Customer # and available Order IDs (Customer # was generated when you created the new USAePay Customer in the Gateways section):

Although the Order IDs display, you must SELECT the desired Order ID by clicking the plus sign (+) button next to the Order ID field. Doing this will shift the Order ID to the “Selected Order ID(s)” field:

Once the Order ID is selected, the integration is basically done. Now either click “Save” to save these changes, or click Sync All Transactions to sync any current (settled) transactions already posted to this customer (they may have pulled and settled before the deal was linked to the USAePay customer). You will see that the Collection Method box shows a new link - clicking this will bring you to the deal’s linked USAePay Billing Schedule page.

          Clicking this link:



          Brings you to this page in Payment Gateways:


This is how an MCA Suite deal is linked or integrated with a USAePay customer and billing schedule. Now, once payments from this merchant are pulled and SETTLED by USAePay, they will automatically appear in the Transactions section of the Deal Tracking page (with Type = USAePay). But remember that only settled transactions are posted to a deal.

5. Monitoring USAePay Transactions

You can check USAePay transactions on a customer by customer basis (by checking the total payments section of an individual Billing Schedule page). OR you can check all your USAePay payments on a particular gateway by clicking the “USAePay Transaction” side-navigation tab inside Payment Gateways.