The Direct Funding Dashboard contains all "tracked" (funded) deals that have a current outstanding balance. Syndicated deals (deals with investors other than one single funder) are NOT included. Defaulted deals (deals that have been put into default in the CRM by clicking the "Default" button on the Deal Tracking page) also are NOT included.

The Direct Funding Dashboard has two sections:

1)  Current Deals - are "tracked" (funded) deals that have not been fully repaid or defaulted.

2)  All Deals - provides a view of your entire portfolio which includes deals that have been fully repaid and deals that have defaulted. 

From the above example, there are five (5) active deals and seven (7) total deals in the portfolio.

Each section has five key metrics:

a)  Net Advanced - The net advance amount the Funder has issued to the Merchant.
b)  Expected Payback - What the Funder expects to be repaid by the Merchant.
c)  Amount Collected - What the Funder has actually collected from the Merchant. This does not include payoff values used to close out open deals during a refinance process.
d)  Amount Outstanding - What the Merchant owes the Funder.
e)  Cash Exposure - Net Advance Amount [minus] Amount Collected

To view details of the Current Deals, click on the "View Current Deals" button which will take you to the page below:

By default, the "Current Deals" dashboard will list all active funded. You can click on the dropdown to view deals by individual Funders.

For example, if you want to see all the current deals funded by a selected Funder, select the Funder from the dropdown (in this example, X Funding). The dashboard will refresh to show the information about the Funder. In the example, X Funding has funded one (1) deal for $100,000 with an expected payback of $122,000).

After selecting the Funder, you can click on the "View Current Deals" to view the listing of active funded deals (see below):

To define the Funder for each deal, go to the Deal's Detail page's Offer Section where you will see a textbox for you to select a Funder. Below is an example of how you would define "X Funding" funded the "Witwicky Mechanics" deal.

Note that the Current and All Direct Funding dashboard will display funded deals with or without a funder associated with the deal. If you have deals in your MCA Suite instance that do not have a Funder defined, those deals will not be able to be selected and viewed by the dashboard filter.