As described in the "What is a Deal" article, below a description of the types of information you can store in the Deal. 

Once a deal is created, you will be taken to the Deal Summary page which has a brief description of the deal and its relationship with the Contact (company and people). There are also floating shortcuts tied to each deal to allow you to enter a status note (Deal Status) to the deal. Each status note contains a timestamp for record keeping purposes. You can customize each Deal Status based to support your operations (link to customize Deal Statuses).

Once you're ready to fund the Merchant and want to track repayment of a cash advance, simply click on the "Track Deal" button. In order for you to begin tracking a deal, you will need to have the Advance Amount, Factor and Expected Payback information completed in the Deal Details page. 

Deal Summary Page

If the deal is funded (tracked) and has estimated turn information, you will see a performance chart like the one below.