Contact status defines the person's current relationship with your organization. Contact status is primarily used for Contacts with a Merchant Contact Types. All other Contact Types (Funder, Broker, Investor, etc.) will have an "Active" Contact Status in MCA Suite.

What are contact statuses

Each Merchant Contact (Person) in MCA Suite can have one of these four statuses: 

  • Lead – The lead status refers to contacts received from marketing partners and third-party vendors (they can also be manually added). These contacts are considered new leads by funders and brokers. Sales managers can assign these contacts to brokers/agents to follow-up on the lead. MCA Suite has two options for importing leads into the system: via MCA Suite’s Web API or through an Excel/CSV file import.
  • Assigned – The assigned status means the contact has been assigned to a broker/agent (user in MCA Suite) to work on the lead. MCA Suite allows sales managers to set contact-level security to allow all brokers to see contact information, or for one broker to see only one set of contacts.
  • Active – The active status means the contact is actively working with the funder or broker. This can be set manually or by simply creating a deal or an application for merchant contact-types (for the company connected to that particular contact person).
  • Declined – It means this contact does not want to do business with the funder or broker. A contact cannot be set to “declined” if s/he is associated with a current merchant cash advance deal.

You can set Contact Statuses when you create a Contact Person:

Add contact

You can also change the Contact Status from the Contact Detail page. 


change contact status