A contact is a person or a company that has a relationship with your company. 

What's a Contact in MCA Suite

A person (contact) is someone you have a relationship with. When you add a person as a contact to MCA Suite, the Company and DBA information during the contact creation process will also create a company contact. 

In the example below, when you add a "Person," Mary Powers, MCA Suite will also create "Mary's Salon, Inc." as a "Company."

A company contact is a business organization and generally has persons (contacts) associated with it. You can create a company without adding a person to the company by selecting the "Add New Company" tab. You can associate persons to the company after the company has been created.

Add company to MCA Suite

The example below shows you how you can add a "Person" to be associated with an existing "Company" (i.e., Green Bay Chocolate Factory").

Associating a person with an existing company record

If you add a Person through the Company page, MCA Suite will inherit the Company values (i.e., Company Name, Address, main phone numbers) to the Person (see below): 

Add Person from Company Page

For all contact records in MCA Suite, users can view them as a "Company" view (see below). To toggle to view the Person, click on the Person's name on the Company View page:

Company View

Below is a Person View. To get back to the Company View, click on the Company Name.

Person View

Notes and tasks can be assigned to a contact (both persons and companies).

Company Notes

Deals are only attached to contact companies (not persons). Refer to "What's a Deal" article for more details.