Yes! To add custom fields, you will need to login as an Administrator. Each MCA Suite tenant can have up to 10 custom fields or user defined fields (UDF). 

All custom fields are text fields and do not perform any calculation or contain programmed logic. 

Admins can also create a Custom Merge Code for the new field (this would be used as part of the Document Merge process), and choose whether to display the new field on the MCA Application and Deal Details pages.

To create a customized text field, Admins will navigate to the Admin > Setup > Application Configuration page, and click on the top tab called "Custom Merge Fields."  

On this page, you can make three selections or customizations: 

1) Enter the name of the custom field; 

2) Create the custom merge code label for document merge purposes, if desired (this step is optional; see this article for more information on our Document Merge feature); 

3) Choose whether to display the new field on the MCA Application and/or Deal Details page. Choosing "None" will not add the field to any pages - suggest choosing this option if you want to uncheck any selections. Users can add a single field to BOTH the Application and Details pages.

Once finished, click the Add button to save the custom field and associated settings.

In this case, the new text field we created is called "Deal Level" and we chose to add it to both the Deal Details and Application pages. To modify or delete the custom field, simply click on the pencil icon to the right and make your changes.

This is what the new field looks like added to the Deal Details page:

And to the MCA Application page: