MCA Suite has partnered with FirstACH for its payment services.  First step, you must obtain a login id and transaction key from their website.  Make sure you get the Production credentials on their end and not Sandbox:

After that you can add MCA Suite payment gateway.  If you do not have a gateway tab, please contact us to enable it for you.

1.  Add a MCASuitePS Gateway by clicking 'Add' under Payment Gateways.  Type in any name you wish and click Save.

2.  Enter in your Login ID and Transaction Key you acquired and click 'Save'. You can also add an email address to the notification email field to get a daily notifications of transactions that settled and returned for the day.

3.  After clicking save, you should have three tabs on the left, customers, payments and transactions.

4.  The first step is to create a customer.  Click on the customers tab on the left to get to the customer search page.  This a single search page to view all your customers, click on any existing customers to edit, otherwise click Add to create a new customer.

5.  After clicking add you will be navigated to the customer page, select a company in MCA Suite.  Any associated address and company info will pre-populate after you select the company.  You may modify any of the information below.  Please keep in mind special characters are not allowed in the customer name like '&'.  Click 'Save' after entering all the correct info.  If it saves successful, you will have an Accounts section to add bank accounts.

6.  Click Add next to 'Accounts' to add a bank account.  One bank account must be associated with the customer so you will not be able to delete an account if you only have one.  After adding an account click 'Save'.

7.  The last step is to create a payment schedule.  After successfully adding an account, another section will appear called 'Payments'.  Click Add next to the section header.  Choose the appropriate deal to apply transactions to, select a bank account and fill out the remaining information.  Use '9999' in Num Payments to run indefinitely.  Note: Currently there is no API to edit a payment after its created, you will have to 'Void' the payment schedule and creating a new one.