You can perform a bulk import of your deal commissions into MCA Suite instead of entering each manually. To import your commissions, you must create and format a comma separated value (csv) file with the following columns: 

Column Label Required? Description
A Merchant Name Y Exact name of the merchant company in MCA Suite
B Deal Name Y Exact Deal Name in MCA Suite
C Company Name
Name of the company commission will apply to.  Either a Company or Contact are required.
D Contact First Name
First name of the contact the commission will apply to
E Contact Last Name
Last name of the contact the commission will apply to
F Type     Y 'Payable' or 'Receivable'
G Description
Description of the commission, max size is 50 characters
H Scheduled Date Y Scheduled Date in MM/DD/YY format
I Scheduled Amount
Scheduled dollar amount.  Columns I or J and K are required.
J Scheduled %
Use % instead of dollar amount.  Column J and K are required if using %.
K % of Advance or Payback
Use 'Advance' or 'Payback'.  The commission will take the Scheduled % from the 'Advance' or 'Payback'.  
L Settled Date
Settled Date in MM/DD/YY format.
M Settled Amount
Settled dollar amount.  Columns M or N and O are required.
N     Settled %
Use % instead of dollar amount.  Column N and O are required if using %.
O % of Advance or Payback

Use 'Advance' or 'Payback'.  The commission will take the Settled % from the 'Advance' or 'Payback'.  
P Investor Name
If the deal is syndicated, name of the investor to apply commission to.  Or use 'All' to use syndication percentages.

A sample template is attached at the bottom of the page. Once you have your file ready, go to Admin > Import > Deal commissions page to select the file to be imported. After the file has been uploaded. Click 'Process' to proceed.

All correct rows in the CSV will be uploaded into the system while any rows with errors will not be uploaded and skipped.  A message will be displayed regarding the erroneous rows.  

If an existing commission exists for the company/contact, an addition will be added to it, otherwise the contact will be added.